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Piloncillo is the rawest form of sugar cane. The same thing as cane juice but in a solid form. It typically comes in a block, with the shape of a cone, square or round.

It can be substituted for brown sugar. However, the flavor of piloncillo is more rustic. Reminds me of foods eaten in small villages or pueblos, it is homey. It adds that extra “something”, be it depth, color, aroma, that is hard to define but amazing to taste.

It can be grated or dissolved in hot or simmering liquid.



Cool! I have seen this numerous times in the Mexican stores but was too freaked out. Will definately be using it now. I have been to some small mountain villages near Casa Grandes and will imagine myself back there as I cook with piloncillo. Thank you!

Can you put in print the pronunciation of piloncillo? Thanks

Hola Ann, The pronunciation for piloncillo is [pee-lawn-SEE-yoh].

I love all Pati’s recipes! And her culture! I will definitely be purchasing piloncillo soon and using it!

Thank you, Kerri! YES, get the pilconcillo. You will love it!!

I can’t wait to use piloncillo to make cafe de olla! Thank you for teaching us how to use it. I too have seen it in the grocery store but never knew exactly what it was or how it was used. I must admit that I am ashamed that as a Mexican American living in Texas, I am still very unfamiliar with many Mexican ingredients. Because my mother is American and the cook when i was growing up, my sisters and I really missed out on learning to cook traditional Mexican food. I can’t wait to buy your new cook book so that I can start learning!

I love watching the show on PBS and I think this blog is awesome! Thank you.

Thank you for the information. I guess I will have to use regular sugar and then piloncillo instead of brown sugar. I assume it is 1 cup to 1 cup in a receipe. I have found what looks like piloncillo but is actually brown sugar and molasses in a cone shape and labeled piloncillo. Need to look at the ingredient list.

Thank you again.


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